Wsup all, my name is Dean Mikulla. I’m addicted to kiteboarding, surfing, SUP, snowkiting, music, and playing around with Final Cut. Marshall Movies is a place for posting my action movies for people to watch and comment on. As I become more familiar with web design and film making, I will improve the quality and delivery of my movies, so please work with me on this! I have a web page with most of my Quicktime movies , List of QT Marshall Movies, but here I’ll be using Vimeo….seems to work well, please let me know if you cant view a movie.
This is all just a hobby for me. I love filming people and showing them video of themselves ripping it up, so if you see me shooting, go for it!!!! I’m also into learning about video, editing and most recently , graphic design and animation, so this is where your comments come in. I went with this wordpress format so it would be easier to leave comments, so go for it…..!
I’m not doing any of this for money, that would just take the fun out of it, but occasionally I run into a company or product that I think is worth passing on or promoting, so I do. That goes for the bands and music that I use in my vids also. Check them out!


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