Snowkiting Utah/Idaho 2010

This movie is a compilation of the footage I took with a hand held Vado HD cam during my snowkite trip in Feb/March 2010. I did waaaay more snowkiting than I did filming. As usual when the conditions are good, I never take time to get good footage! But its definitely worth watching, lots of great views of the areas we kited.
My bro , Tree from Hatteras, and I scored some killer conditions at Skyline Utah, Powder Mountain Utah, Strawberry Reservoir, and Ririe Idaho or variations thereof. I will post a complete write up of the trip here soon. I did a post to the FKA forum of a detailed trip report with pics if you care to check it out
snowkite trip report
I tried to copy and paste the text here but the code for the pix just doesn’t translate to wordpress. Enjoy!

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