PADDLIN’ OUT – Surfing Ocean City, Md.

This was the first movie I made after I got my own video cam. Most of the footage is from Summer 2001 and some clips from Fall of 2002. I did the editing on a PC with an old version of Premier when I was first learning non linear editing. I seem to remember frequent crashes! I left the movie as is, except for the opening segment. The music is from my friends’ band, Irwin, from Pittsburgh Pa. I don’t remember the title.

You will see Steve Sabia getting lots of nice little barrels and head dips in those clips from that windy day in Ocean City. I think he was just getting into kiting and I might have had my first trainer kite. Watching the footage, I cant help but wonder what it would be like hitting those waves with a kite. Yes, theres lots of west in it but still…….!

I’m the one with the pot belly and long hair getting my ass kicked most of the movie. I don’t know how I even surfed being forty pounds heavier back then!! And Ocean City Legend, Big Wave Dave, is the one on that sweet October wave at the end!!! If any one knows his e-mail, please send it to me , or at least forward this to him. Thanks!! Dean

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