Will Taggart ” The Glide ” —-Snow Kiting—-

This is a short clip of one of my snow kiting bros’, Will Taggart, of Jackson Wyoming doing a glide at one of the local kiting areas. Will and his crew are pioneering the snokiting scene with all of their exploration around Jackson, looking for snokiting spots in the vast back country of Wyoming and Idaho. I recently was out there on a snow kite trip and they showed me some of their findings………..! That place is SICK !!!
I took my kite kam with me and put it on Will’s kite . The footage quality came out ok , but I really need to upgrade my camera. The more I do these kite kam movies, the more I realize the limits of the cam.
I’m still working on more footage from this trip including more kite kam footage of some free riding, mostly Will slashing cornices and basic powder riding.
Shortly after Will “takes off” he glides 25 feet over Pascal Joubert, a snow kite/speed ski/ and a bunch of other stuff legend’s head !! He is also the one gliding at the end of the clip. More on him later !!!!
Wayne Phillips, another one of the Jackson crew , had the kite cam on his kite, but I had it pointed wrong……my bad, he was killin’ it that day on his ski’s, which is a little different than Will and his snowboard. I can’t wait to return and get some good footage of every one !!!

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