Will Taggart ” The Glide ” —-Snow Kiting—-

This is a short clip of one of my snow kiting bros’, Will Taggart, of Jackson Wyoming doing a glide at one of the local kiting areas. Will and his crew are pioneering the snokiting scene with all of their exploration around Jackson, looking for snokiting spots in the vast back country of Wyoming and Idaho. I recently was out there on a snow kite trip and they showed me some of their findings………..! That place is SICK !!!
I took my kite kam with me and put it on Will’s kite . The footage quality came out ok , but I really need to upgrade my camera. The more I do these kite kam movies, the more I realize the limits of the cam.
I’m still working on more footage from this trip including more kite kam footage of some free riding, mostly Will slashing cornices and basic powder riding.
Shortly after Will “takes off” he glides 25 feet over Pascal Joubert, a snow kite/speed ski/ and a bunch of other stuff legend’s head !! He is also the one gliding at the end of the clip. More on him later !!!!
Wayne Phillips, another one of the Jackson crew , had the kite cam on his kite, but I had it pointed wrong……my bad, he was killin’ it that day on his ski’s, which is a little different than Will and his snowboard. I can’t wait to return and get some good footage of every one !!!

Surfing Avon, NC 11.15.10

Mid November saw a huge nor’easter along the east coast USA, so I decided to take a road trip to the Outer Banks to visit some good friends and do some surfing. SCORE ! Three days of warm weather and fun waves made it a success. I managed to get some footage on the second day at one of the breaks in Avon. Thanks to Kaylan Martin for taking over and getting some great shots with my cam!
Local shredders Tree, Twig, and Kite pro’s Sam Bell, and Toeside Tom are just a few of the rippers in this vid. Sorry I didn’t get everyone’s name !
Smooth sound track by Greyboy

Stand Up Paddle-Igor/Danielle

These are clips of me on my 8’5″ Pocket Rocket stand up board made by Starboard. Surf Sessions from September 2010 in some left over hurricane swell ( Igor and Danielle ) Video shot by my friends on a Cannon GL2 and the Vaho HD cam with the dime sized lens, what a great little camera. Its the same one I use on my “Kite Kam” vids.
Conditions where pretty good for the east coast, and super fun !!! Enjoy !
Sound track done on my mac using Garage Band……what a great way to kill time…amazing how many cool samples are in there! Hopefully I’ll get around to plugging my ax in and laying down some tracks someday!

Kite Kam 2.0

I finally broke out the kite cam this past September 2010, and filmed some ocean kiting. I havent used it since last January in Puerto Rico ( Sea Life
). Waves were in the waist high range and super fun!
Soundtrack is from The Mob with Guitar great, Reb Beach, check them out!

1.3′ @ 11 seconds SUP sesh

My Mom and I took Marshall, my dog, to the beach to check out the sunrise , and I was surprised with a sweet knee high wave sesh on my Pocket Rocket SUB. There’s a little point down the beach that was the only place breaking for miles !! Good times! Thanks mom for shooting some vid ! She was using an older digital still camera in video mode, not too bad !

Rider Bro-file “John Dodd”

This episode of Rider Bro-file features , Florida’s , John Dodd. John is a true Gentleman and Waterman. When he’s not Designing killer homes or shooting awsum photography, he can be seen surfing, kiting, and Stand Up Paddling from St Augustine to Santa Cruz, and from Puerto Rico to Nicaragua . I shot this footage on my last two trips to Puerto Rico , where I met John. He’s one of those, “pulley bar- C- kite guys on 20 meter lines”, always killing the waves unhooked. As you can see, it really works for him!!
I’ve added some great surfing clips and even a few Stand Up Paddle shots , along with tons of mad kiting wave slashes !!
This is sort of a remix of the version that’s in Episode 2.0 . I cleaned up the edit, and changed the soundtrack to a song by one of my all time fav bands, King’s X. Enjoy!

Snowkiting Utah/Idaho 2010

This movie is a compilation of the footage I took with a hand held Vado HD cam during my snowkite trip in Feb/March 2010. I did waaaay more snowkiting than I did filming. As usual when the conditions are good, I never take time to get good footage! But its definitely worth watching, lots of great views of the areas we kited.
My bro , Tree from Hatteras, and I scored some killer conditions at Skyline Utah, Powder Mountain Utah, Strawberry Reservoir, and Ririe Idaho or variations thereof. I will post a complete write up of the trip here soon. I did a post to the FKA forum of a detailed trip report with pics if you care to check it out
snowkite trip report
I tried to copy and paste the text here but the code for the pix just doesn’t translate to wordpress. Enjoy!

PADDLIN’ OUT – Surfing Ocean City, Md.

This was the first movie I made after I got my own video cam. Most of the footage is from Summer 2001 and some clips from Fall of 2002. I did the editing on a PC with an old version of Premier when I was first learning non linear editing. I seem to remember frequent crashes! I left the movie as is, except for the opening segment. The music is from my friends’ band, Irwin, from Pittsburgh Pa. I don’t remember the title.

You will see Steve Sabia getting lots of nice little barrels and head dips in those clips from that windy day in Ocean City. I think he was just getting into kiting and I might have had my first trainer kite. Watching the footage, I cant help but wonder what it would be like hitting those waves with a kite. Yes, theres lots of west in it but still…….!

I’m the one with the pot belly and long hair getting my ass kicked most of the movie. I don’t know how I even surfed being forty pounds heavier back then!! And Ocean City Legend, Big Wave Dave, is the one on that sweet October wave at the end!!! If any one knows his e-mail, please send it to me , or at least forward this to him. Thanks!! Dean

Sea Life -Kite cam footage Puerto Rico

Clips from my PR trip , January 2010. I used a new custom grip, designed by Jim Cancil at wetstuff.com , worked great! Waves were not huge but lots of sunshine and Sea Life!!
I have lots of ideas for new ways to use this grip, and edit the footage, but for now, here is my first effort using the “kite cam’.
I put a raw clip at the very end, without stabilizing or counter rotating, along with the actual camera audio. Amazing how loud the breaking waves are ,even with a tiny microphone 100 feet up!

Wave Rides Kiteboarding-“Editor’s Cut”

When I put out Episode 2.0 Wave Riding, I thought it would be cool to do a “Fuel TV” style, twenty-five minute movie. In retrospect , twenty-five minutes is just too long for the average kiteboarder who has the attention span of a housefly, ( takes one to know one!!). I would imagine a five minute vid is “safer” to watch at work too! So I thought I would start off my new “WEB TV Blog” with the last segment of Episode 2.0 Wave Riding, which no one probably ever made it too!
I basically put together some cool wave rides , left the original audio, and added my commentary. No music or flashy effects in this clip, just some fun wave riding and descriptions of what was really going on. Look for the “session stats” in the upper corner of the frame!
Please leave comments and let me know what you think of the new web tv blog, the movies, and if its easy to navigate around. Thanks!!!!